Yow! And then we could sit on the hoods of cars at stop lights!

Yow! Are we laid back yet?

Yow! Are we wet yet?

Yow! Are you the self-frying president?

Yow! Did something bad happen or am I in a drive-in movie??

Yow! I just went below the poverty line!

Yow! I threw up on my window!

Yow! I want my nose in lights!

Yow! I want to mail a bronzed artichoke to Nicaragua!

Yow! Is my fallout shelter termite proof?

Yow! Is this sexual intercourse yet?? Is it, huh, is it??

Yow! Maybe I should have asked for my Neutron Bomb in PAISLEY --

Yow! Now I get to think about all the BAD THINGS I did to a BOWLING

Yow! Now we can become alcoholics!

Yow! Those people look exactly like Donnie and Marie Osmond!!

YOW!! Everybody out of the GENETIC POOL!

YOW!! The land of the rising SONY!!

YOW!! What should the entire human race DO?? Consume a fifth of
CHIVAS REGAL, ski NUDE down MT. EVEREST, and have a wild SEX WEEKEND!

YOW!!! I am having fun!!!

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